Two of the world's largest and most valuable emeralds have been found in the Muzo-Mines. One of them is called ‘Fura’ an amazing 15,000 carats emerald and the other is called ‘Tena', which weighs ‘only’ 2,000 carats.


Thanks to our excellent business relations with Colombian mining companies, we are able to offer the finest natural, entirely untreated emeralds. In order to ensure our high standards, we perform a stringent selection process with all the gems. Only the best emeralds are released for export to Europe. In addition, the origin, and all valuable properties of the individual precious stones are verified and certified by CDTEC, the leading gemological laboratory in Colombia. In addition, after importation and customs clearance in Europe, VICORE has all the gems assessed and certified by Gübelin Gem Lab in Switzerland, or by the International Gemological Laboratory. All emeralds are delivered along with the report from the European lab, grading their colour, clarity, carat and cut.

Emeralds of the highest quality, especially those from Colombia, are on the top list of the most desired gemstones worldwide. Due to their unmatched quality Colombian stones are preferred by buyers throughout the whole world. Moreover, demand is set to rise significantly since the yields of the Muzo and Chivor mines have fallen sharply.