Rubies of a certain carat size have reached record prices. The 'Graff Ruby' a 8.62 carat blood pigeon ruby, was auctioned in 2014 for an incredible 6.8M EUR.


Myanmar, (Burma), has always been the main source of the most valuable rubies. Even flawless stones from other origins with perfect colour are not so highly priced as those originating from Myanmar. The sources at Mogok and Mong Hsu are far from drying up and yet these fine specimens are becoming rarer on the world market as the demand is steadily rising.

There are numerous sources of ruby deposits in the world, but most stones are of low quality. This means that the low-priced segment of the market is flooded with rubies and as such the value drops. Precisely the opposite is the case for stones in the highest segment: their value is predicted to increase indefinitely. The popularity of coloured gemstones is growing steadily. Really large and flawless rubies are rare, making each of these stones the ideal centerpiece of a collection.

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