The world biggest sapphire weights 1404.49 carats and gemmologists say it could be sold up to 175 million.


Coloured stones have generally experienced an immense appreciation in recent years. In the Asian emerging markets, such as China and Thailand, coloured gemstones have been in demand for many years. The economic upturn in these regions has led to an increase in purchasing power and this group of experts and investors thus represents an increasingly important market. Particularly in demand are the 'King Colour Gems' rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

Large sapphires are rare and often legendary. The largest star sapphire is the 'Star of India' with an amazing 536 carats, which was discovered about 300 years ago in Sri Lanka. The financier J.P. Morgan donated the gem to the American Museum of Natural History, from which it was later stolen by the notorious burglar Jack Murphy, Murph the Surf. That it was found again two months later has further added to its fame.

Today the sapphire has gained even more popularity, for example, as the engagement ring chosen by both the then Miss Kate Middleton, now H.R.H The Duchess of Cambridge and the actress Penelope Cruz. In Victoria Beckham's possession is a sapphire ring of extraordinary size and beauty, which she loves to show off.

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